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Glo Science In-Office Teeth Whitening

We see it every day on TV, magazines, billboards, the internet, and social media: beautiful smiles with perfectly white teeth. There are many teeth-whitening products that you can turn to, from toothpastes to over-the-counter kits, but nothing will give you the smile of your dreams like an in-office, professional whitening treatment. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line teeth whitening in Austin, TX, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to assessing your whitening options, always keep the safety of your teeth at the forefront of your mind. Scheduling an appointment with your Austin dentist is the best way to ensure that you get the white teeth you want while keeping your teeth healthy. At Michael Nussbaum, DDS, we are proud to offer Glo® in-office whitening. This new whitening system uses a warming light and anti-sensitivity whitening gel to give exceptional results with ease.

girl getting whitening treatment

What Is GLO™ Whitening?

The GLO™ whitening system uses a warming light and an LED light to accelerate the results achieved with their whitening gel. The warming light accelerates the results to enhance the whitening power of the sensitivity-free gel. According to their website, you can have teeth that are 12 shades whiter in just one hour!

man smiling

What Are the Advantages of GLO™?

Of the many advantages of professional treatment, the GLO™ whitening system also gives patients the bonus of not having to experience any, or very little, sensitivity following treatment. Their proprietary hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is designed to avoid any resulting tooth sensitivity. If you are prone to tooth sensitivity, GLO™ even offers a lower-potency solution whitening gel to help avoid this unfortunate side effect.

Additionally, GLO™ uses a universal tray, meaning that you can whiten your teeth in less time and without impressions! The GLO™ whitening system gives you amazing results in less time with less sensitivity and less mess.

Am I a Candidate for GLO™ Whitening?

Probably! The beautiful thing about the GLO® whitening system is that it can be adapted for younger people, people with tooth sensitivity, and people who prefer to whiten their teeth at home.

If you want a whiter smile that will give you the confidence to go forward as the best version of yourself, don’t wait any longer. You, too, can be the person with the genuinely beautiful smile and pearly, white teeth.

If you want to know more about how the GLO™ whitening system will get you picture-ready for anything, call Dr. Nussbaum at Michael Nussbaum, DDS today at 512-327-3631 or request your appointment online.

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