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Michael Nussbaum, DDS, has a passion for quality dentistry that uplifts his patients’ health and confidence. This quality of care is not just a result of the effective services he provides; it also relies on adhering to certain philosophies of client care. The values Dr. Nussbaum uses to best serve the families of West Lake and Austin include:

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Personalized Care

Even when expertly performed, dental treatments that do not precisely match your unique case will not serve you as effectively as you need.

As such, Dr. Nussbaum and our team get to know you personally. This allows us to customize every treatment plan to meet your specific need. It is natural for our dentist and staff to be caregivers, and this personalized approach helps us make sure that we take good care of your smile.

Paying Attention to Your Health

Dr. Nussbaum is trained in finding the oral health problems that affect your smile with precision. The attention to detail produced by this observant nature means that caries can be stopped before they become cavities, gingivitis is halted before developing into periodontitis, and oral cancer diagnosed when it is still a small lesion in the cheek.

Constant, Continuous Education

Dental education is important for our patients and our dentist alike.

Many patients do not know the complete story behind their smile’s health and how to protect it. For example, you have probably been told to brush your teeth all your life, which is true. But, do you know the proper way to brush? Did you remember to floss along with brushing as well? Are you aware that brushing the teeth too soon after eating highly acidic foods can be bad for your teeth? When you visit Michael Nussbaum, DDS, you receive the education that helps you stay healthy between appointments.

In turn, Dr. Nussbaum is always updating his knowledge of the technologies, techniques, and best practices of dentistry. Every dentist must take a certain amount of continuing education every year, but our dentist goes above and beyond. He makes sure to take the high-quality classes that help him help you.

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Michael Nussbaum, DDS, uses these client care philosophies to help his patients maintain and improve their oral health. Anyone in or near Austin and West Lake can see our doctor and receive top-notch dental care. For more information about our approach to dentistry, call and schedule an appointment today!