Same-Day Crowns: What You Need to Know

If your dentist is telling you that you can get a same-day crown, you might have a few questions about what exactly that means. Traditionally, crowns are custom-made in a lab and then placed by your dentist. The traditional process includes messy molds, temporary crowns, and multiple visits. However, recent technological advancements allow dentists to mill crowns in their offices.

There are definite advantages to the new speed with which you can get a crown, but many patients ask whether or not they are sacrificing quality by opting for the faster treatment path. If you’re wondering the same thing, we want to help answer some of your questions so that you have the information you need to make the right choice for you.

What are Same-Day Crowns?

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, CEREC®, is a revolutionary technology backed by a decade of research. CEREC® is a machine comprised of computer-assisted design and computer-assisted milling devices to design and create high-quality ceramic restorations during the course of one dental office visit. With this technology, your dentist can cut your office visit time in half, decrease your discomfort by eliminating the need for a temporary crown, and give you a beautiful, high-quality ceramic restoration that is long-lasting.

Are Same-Day Crowns as Good as Crowns Made in a Lab? 

The answer to this question is up for debate among dentists. Although dentistry is rapidly changing and the technology is quickly developing to allow dentists to make high-quality appliances in the office, whether crowns made by the in-office milling process are as good as lab-made crowns is not something all dentists agree upon. However, the crown produced by this method is considered as strong as the traditional lab-made crowns.

How is a Same-Day Crown Made?

CEREC® is the technology that we use at 306 Dental Care. The technology required to make same-day crowns takes a 3D image of your tooth and the surrounding teeth. Then, a computer milling machine will create your custom crown based on the 3D image. Your dentist will be able to select certain options, allowing for greater customization of the crown and a correct color match.

Visit our page on Same day crowns in Austin TX to learn more about how same-day ceramic restorations are made.

How Long Do Same-Day Crowns Last?

Many people find themselves wondering how long these crowns last compared to traditionally made crowns. Same-day crowns can last for more than 10 years.

What Benefits Do Same-Day Crowns Offer?

One of the most obvious benefits of these crowns is the fact that you don’t have to come in for a second visit to get your crown placed. For you, this means that you will only have one appointment, and you won’t have to wear a temporary crown while your customized one is being made. Another big advantage to CEREC ® is that your dentist won’t need to take any messy or uncomfortable impressions of your teeth since the machine uses images and scans instead.

These high-quality ceramic crowns offer you comparable quality with the ease of one appointment.

If your dentist is offering you same-day restorations, you can be sure that you are being offered the latest technology that dentistry has to offer.

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