Cafifree Products

What are Carifree products for and when does Dr. Nussbaum recommend them?

When we see a patient with 3 or more new areas of active decay, it is most likely due to an acidic environment in the mouth. In other words, the acidity of the saliva is causing an increase in cavities rather than just a slack in home care. No matter how diligent a patient is with their home care, the acidic environment can still cause harm to the teeth. This is where the technology in the carifree products comes into play. In our office, we carry both CTx4 toothpaste and CTx3 rinse which use a combination of fluoride and xylitol to aid in neutralizing the saliva and strengthening the enamel of our teeth. These products in combination with good home care can aid in the prevention of cavities. The carifree products are also great for patients with dry mouth and sensitivity. If you feel like you are constantly having to get a new filling, talk to us! We want to get you on the right track of prevention!